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Are international freight rates bottoming out?

      SME Credit Score are bringing you a series of guest blog posts from a range of business and service providers that we think will be helpful to our SME user base. The topics will be diverse in content and we hope you [...]

10 ways to keep your business and personal finances separate

We have outlined below 10 ways to help you separate your business and personal finances. 1. Create separate bank accounts – by having separate bank accounts, you will be able to allocate income and expenses to the appropriate account the first time, rather than having [...]

Personal and business finances – the importance of separation

As a business owner, you naturally have a personal vested interest in the success of your business. However, it is important that the finances of the business remain separate to your personal finances. It should be noted that the question of whether personal assets should be [...]

How Much Debt Should My Business Have?

How Much Business Debt? Taking on debt can be vital for businesses to improve cash flow and finance growth or expansion. Debt can provide the leverage you need to grow, but too much debt will almost certainly make your business go under. The answer [...]

Top 5 credit scoring factors

Business Credit Scores How are they determined? If you want to improve your business credit score it is important that you know the factors that credit reporting agencies use to determine your score. Once you know what factors determine your score, you can [...]